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Chiffon Dresses

Right on trend this season is chiffon, one of the prettiest of fabrics which helps give an ultra feminine look on a night out.

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Why are Chiffon dresses popular

Chiffon is made from either Rayon or Silk, is very lightweight and often a little translucent. Chiffon going out dresses flow beautifully from the skirt and create an effortless party feel. A Chiffon dress is probably the best choice you can make, if you are wanting to create an ultra feminine impression.

What are the popular styles of Chiffon dresses

Chiffon dresses are popular choices for evening wear, providing a long very floaty feminine style that drapes effortlessly. Some Chiffon evening dresses are also made using a firmer fabric along with the Chiffon. This is sometimes a more structured fabric like Satin, which gives the dress a firmer line or shape whilst retaining the prettiness of the Chiffon.

Chiffon dresses have also been popular for bridesmaids again creating a light natural look that’s easy to wear. More recently the trend in Baby doll dresses has brought chiffon dresses into the every day. With the short skirt of the Body doll dress and often a bandeau top or thin shoulder straps top this new addition to the wardrobe offers a young cheeky way to enjoy Chiffon. Finally, there are some lovely knee length Chiffon day dresses this season, which provide a softer alternative to the classic coatdress.

When is a Chiffon dress the perfect choice?

Well that’s simple, whenever you wish to create a floaty and feminine impression. When teamed with high-heeled sandals and a clutch bag this seasons mid calf chiffon dresses are ideal as going out dresses.

The maxi or full-length Chiffon dresses are best reserved for those special occasions, Weddings, Balls or the best parties in town. The Baby Doll Chiffon dress however opens up daytime. Create worn with ballet bumps and accessorized with a big flopping handbag or if it’s a bit cooler done a leather jacket and biker boots for a grungier feel.